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10 Reasons to Automate your home

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ThingIQ suggests 10 excellent reasons why it's worthwhile to automate your building, and make it more modern, efficient, and safe. 1 Automation and control make the building modern, innovative and prestigious Today it is unthinkable to construct a building without an open, future-oriented automation and control system. ...

Human Centric Lighting – the human element in smart lights

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What is Human Centric Lighting? Human Centric Lighting (HCL), has become a hot topic amid lighting designers and scientific researchers worldwide. Multiple researches have established that lighting does much more than simply provide illumination. Human Centric Lighting can connect us, affect our well being and make us better at what ...

How to get started with Home Automation?

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Home Automation in India is on a growth trajectory, and there are multiple ways to start off with building your smart home. DIY (Do It Yourself) - DIY is a huge market in the western part of the world, and this has spurred numerous product startups in this space. Companies like Wink, Vera and Samsung ...

Smart Home Glossary

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With the smart home comes terms, phrases or descriptions that you might not be familiar with. So, we wanted to define, in easy-to-understand terms, the most common smart home terms you might encounter. 1. Hub/Gateway/Controller The Hub is a device that connects to all the smart devices in your home, ...

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