Home Automation in India is on a growth trajectory, and there are multiple ways to start off with building your smart home.

  1. DIY (Do It Yourself) – DIY is a huge market in the western part of the world, and this has spurred numerous product startups in this space. Companies like WinkVera and Samsung SmartThings have developed smart home hubs that can are compatible with multiple communication protocols. These hubs allow the home owner to buy compatible devices from different companies, and control them with the central hub.
  2. Wireless Automation – Since Home Automation is at a nascent stage in India, the idea of a smart home is an afterthought for most home owners. At this stage, it is not possible for any kind of re-wiring to be done for traditional home automation. To cater to this segment, multiple communication protocols have been developed and are being adopted by hundreds of companies across the world. Z-wave and Zigbee are two of the major protocols in use right now. Best part about these products is the ability to be retro-fitted and their interoperability.
  3. Wired Automation – This is the traditional approach to home automation. It requires proactive planning and design considerations involving the architect, wiring contractor, home automation consultant during the design phase.

You may take any of the above mentioned approaches for your smart home. If you go for the DIY approach, you can start off with Amazon Echo Plus and keep on adding products that are either Zigbee compatible or are “Works With Alexa” certified.

ThingIQ Solutions is one such company based out of Gurugram, Haryana who are enablers of Intelligent Automation in residential and commercial spaces. ThingIQ curates and delivers the highest quality automation solutions covering major domains including Human Centric Intelligent LightingIntegrated SecurityEfficient HVAC and Intelligent Media Distribution.

We are partners with world’s leading product manufacturers, and work on standard communication protocols (Zwave, Zigbee, KNX) to provide the most comprehensive and highly scalable automation solutions.

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